Blue Iris 4.3.7 Crack Full Version Activator Download

Blue Iris 4.3.7 Crack Full Version Activator Download

Well no, the truly exquisitely named Blue Iris crack software is not a 100 carat rare blue diamond the size of an elephant’s head newly discovered in the very rich South African fields. But, it might as well be with all the rave reviews and delirious compliments it has been endlessly gathering from everywhere and anywhere since its August inception!

Astonishingly versatile, endlessly customizable, marvelously effective and virtually peerless, it’s a dream to use and a definite sight and comfort for sore and nervous eyes.

Well, what does it do? It gives you the truly god-like ability to be everywhere and anywhere in the globe seeing whatever you want, when you want and how you want. So you can keep a closer eye on your greenhouse now that your tomatoes and cucumbers have lately decided to go for walks without first informing you or compensating you for what you spent raising them. Or doggedly watch over that sinfully cozy pad of yours filled to bursting with flat-screen 4k TVs and theater systems that you saved the moon and entire solar system to buy. Or your garage filled with dream cars that the neighborhood thieves are droolingly anxious to get their scheming, grubby hands on. Or this or that or those.

It is a truly remarkable Windows PC software that seamlessly connects cameras of all types to the internet so you can view it all on any web-enabled device anywhere, anytime and anyplace. It is also eye-watering customizable to suit absolutely whatever you require, your resources and purposes. Set it up to be triggered by audio -intruder’s footsteps or voice- or automatically at set times and get alerted via your phone, email, and even connected loudspeakers so you can wake the dead and hopefully put the fear of God into the intruder. It does it all and far more like a boss, tough-as-nails and robust like a rhino.

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Blue Iris 4.3.7 Crack Full Version Activator Download


JPEG,MP4,AVR,MPEG,advanced DVR and Windows media formats.


Connectable with virtually any internet-equipped deviceExtremely customizable and user friendly interfaceAble to record continuously on demandView live camera videos, excerpts or alerts and store as desiredZoom function availableMotion/audio detection capabilityAble to take JPEG picturesReceive alerts via your phone, a connected loudspeaker or your designated emailConnectable with an impressive maximum of 64 cameras, be they webcams, camcorders, network IP cameras, analog cards or video serversEncrypted video/audio traffic for enhanced securityCamera(s) activation at pre-determined times via timerUse of audio or motion sensing to trigger system activationRemote total command and control over all connected cameras and systems


Windows XPWindows 7Windows 8, 8.1Windows 10


Pentium dual-core or equivalent, 2 GHZ processor or better2 GB or more of system ramWindows XP or newerSingle or multiple USB or network IP cameras and an analog capture card with the Direct Show driver.


Pay for and download the softwareInstall and follow all promptsRock ‘n’ roll


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